Monday, February 09, 2009

Another trip into Surrey

Well I mention this to prove that going to new places with vague directions is a lost cause!
Bookham Common has been recording Hawfinch frequently. It was an afternoon trip and the traffic was heavy. Everyone off to Auntie Flo.So took a longer time than anticipated to get to BC station.We went across the bridge scanning as we went and then a wander through the trees. I spied a small flock of Redpolls a long way off and searched through them for any Mealies or even an Arctic! No all Lessers.

No sign of Hawfinch. We met a couple of people with bins and a dog. They have seen the Hawfinch on many days -but not today.They told us of a place where they have been seen a lot, so we went there and no sign either!

We were running out of light and it started drizzling. Home we went.

Bob muttering about how he (the driver) really would have preferred to go to Barnes as he hasn't seen that many Jack Snipe over the years! (I saw one the other day there!) Bob doesn't like Barnes and only goes there when something is about! I wonder if I might see one of the Water Pipits there this week, they are elusive!
Oh yes and Staines was also mentioned - Scaup there again!

Well you win some you lose some!
Better directions as to where on the vast area of Bookham Common the Hawfinch preferred would have helped!We will go to the places we know in the Forest of Dean or to Suffolk/Norfolk where we have seen Hawfinches before!

What a miserable morning it is today, as I look out of my window. Looks like a sorting day and working on the pc!


Warren Baker said...

Keep looking Eagles they are out there somewhere!
You'r not joking when you say it's a miseable day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Corrina

You where in the right place to see Hawfinch feeding but after I spoke to Bob I think you where a little bit late as for them rosting you where in totaly the wrong place as I have spent a lot of time watching Bookham Common I will let you know for future ref where the good spots are