Friday, April 04, 2008

Need to cheer myself up!

Sometimes you get up in the morning and the sun is shining and the local birds are singing and then you feel kinda down. Well I do have one reason for this but that will stay with me!What I am surprised at is that I usually rise above all this doom and gloom but i didn't this morning. So I did what any sensible person might. I had a very long bath!

I do feel slightly different but I shall think of what i have in store today and tomorrow.
This afternoon I am having a practice manual camera session, with a friend. We are going to Barnes Wetlands Centre...this ensures that some birds stay still long enough for me to attempt a good shot!As Barnes is a local patch for me I shall be on the look out for migrants to add to my year list and I know I shall see Sand Martins- tho I doubt I'll get any shots of them!Still waiting for a Swallow to fly over!(Talons crossed!)
Tomorrow its out to Kent for more photography.We are going to Ashford and I hope to post a couple of shots on Sunday evening.

I really shouldn't let one letdown make me feel a bit down but I do.
I am going to my local patch now for a walk around and see if any migrants have turned up...nearby Osterley - into the Woods.Or once I am in my car it might be to
Stanwell Moor nearby is a farm where Swallows and House Martins nest I wonder if they have arrived?
And just to make me feel better- forget the photo quality think a Crane in Elgin?

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