Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Migrants and Water Voles

Well the Internet has been down for over a week and I have been very busy. Some birding and we are in the midst of an Election here in London- so I have been mega busy!

Here is a Water Vole I spied at Barnes!Actually the one with carrots is from a different day and the other water voles we watched for ages and then realised there were two of them!

I have been out and about birding and finding migrants which is always fun !
No sign yet of Cuckoo altho a birding friend of mine text me the other Sat that he had heard one that day! Thanks Pete!
Barnes has become something of a mecca for migrants with Yellow Wagtails, Reed and Sedge Warblers and now today Groppers (Grasshopper Warblers) reeling and slight sitings - as they are real skulkers and Lesser Whitethroats!

Going to Staines early evening to see if any Terns are about.

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