Saturday, May 26, 2007

2nd Test and other matters

KP does it again! scores over 200 runs and the slightly unorthodox call up of Ryan Sidebottom worked a treat!!
Whoevers call that was well done!!

6 wickets in one day, he also fired the other seamers up!!

Even tho the weather might be against us with a lead of 400 runs and 8 wickets to get- well they have done well! If The forecast is correct and Tuesday is okay then it is a possibility of a win.We will see!

David Beckham called up again for Englands football team.

Now I know he has been playing well in Espana.but is this a backward step?
I think I would have preferred it if we had gone with the future and not the past.
David Bentley played well enough to show he could be on the bench if Mr Lennon is fit and I would prefer to play a wide man who can actually go past defenders something Beckham hasn't been able to do in a long time.
Yes he can take free kicks.....but do we really want to go back to all the media speculation and not progress.
I think the manager has lost the plot again....still there are 3 matches in Espana and DB might have an injury and we can wonder all we like!!
See I'm talking about it!!

Move on!!


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madness isn't it

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