Thursday, May 25, 2006


Finally got into dashboard and proper posting!!
But will have to wait til Friday to finish!! Out all day tomorrow.

Here we are.....
Well after yesterdays long but fab day..we went to El Hondo Information Centre (to see what was about but also to book to go onto the Reserve on another day)(New Birds)
Cattle Egret, Squacco Heron, Fantailed Warbler(everywhere!!), Collared Pratincoles,lovely Whiskered Terns,Shelduck, Reed Warbler,Stonechat,Short Toed Lark,Purple Heron,Grey Heron,House Martin,(Great Reed Warblers everwhere!!!)
Now I've got confused...I'll have to consult Bob...cant remember where we saw.....
Audouin's Gull
I know we then went to see if we could see Rollers, as Rose was with us for the day. We did and quite stunning views too!! A pair who they thought had probably just arrived from Africa.
Even I managed a record shot or two!!
Montague's Harrier put in an appearance which I saw!! As ever though I wanted better views!!

Went back to the apartment and we ate in tonight and watched TV!!
Chatted and were really shattered...from Wednesday....had a few drinks too.
We had arranged to meet Bob, Geoff decided to have a chilling day. I decided I wanted to go out later and as Rose was meeting Bob for a late Breakfast near to his local patch, Clot de Galvany it was agreed that Rose would pick me up about 11am and we'd meet Bob for an all day breakfast!!
We had noticed a lot of local police activity the day before...they seemed to be stopping Spanish cars and letting the hired cars through road blocks in the Gran Alicant area.
Rose has a little car there all the time...and yes we were stopped...checking Insurance!!
After a bit of a delay...boy you should see the paper work they want you to have with you...makes our system brill!!
Finally we met up with Bob fortunately he had no idea of the time as he had lost himself in the birding!!
After a real English Breakfast fullworks for Bob and Scrambled Eggs and Bacon for Rose and I ...Then we went to the coast road to see if we could find Rusus Bush Chat for Rose....and yes indeed still there!! But when we first arrived I heard this most extraordinary noise....and walked in its direction...afterwards I thought perhapsif I'd thought about it I would have run away...the most eerie and strange noise I'd ever heard!! Up flew this huge bird in the mid distance....a Stone Curlew making a collection of really loud noises!!Bob was behind me ever the gentleman helping Rose over very tricky tracks pits and holes...and he rushed up , but missed!!
That was it Stone Curlew top of agenda!! After giving up finally altho we heard its more usual cries and calls!! We returned to find Rose had seen her own Rufous Bush we saw some more!!It was a really lovely day...sun shining bright and Butterflies flying!!
Also seen Pied Wagtail and Linnet (as well as Sartdinian Warbler....) other birds too but I didn't write down everything seen today...mainly the new ones!!
Then Bob and I went birding!! I think Rose went to do some gardening?
To find Waders....Salinas and Playa-de-Pinet....very little about on Salinas...some Marbled Ducks..The usual Flamingoes...Yellow Legs ....Avocets and BW Stilts.. and a Yellow Wagtail and Cormorants. a small pond.....Curlew Sandpiper (some in full stunning breeding colours and boy did they shine!!), Little Stints and Sanderlings. Then a walk by the beach...Avocets, Common and Little Terns, Slender billed Gulls ( gull for me on this trip so far!!) BWS, lots of Kentish Plovers,back past Salinas and Redshank and Greenshank and Dunlin spotted along with more Marbled Ducks!!
and a Gull Billed tern!!!!We also looked at a salt museum area with a large reserve...over 40 Little Egrets!! and a recovering Greater Flamingo....apparently this is where they are rehabilitated after trauma, injury or illness.
more later....
I also had chance to see

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