Friday, May 19, 2006

Birding Tales 1


Well after the incredibly busy last few months I really needed a holiday. The original plan had been shelved,but Bob a fellow Cllr and birder and his other half Rose have an apartment in Gran Alicante. Bob suggested that his birding buddy Geoff and I share a rented apartment near to where they are. Within a short space of time it was all arranged.
On Tuesday 9th May we met at Heatjrow and flew to Alicante.
Once there the adventure began.Over a glass of white wine I was seranaded by a beautiful male Serin,who landed on a wire over their garden! Spotless Starlings , H.Sparrows and Common and Pallid Swifts flew over. On our way to the lighthouse the first of many Southern Grey Shrikes were seen. On route we saw Collared Dove ,Woodpigeon and Hoopoe.Red rumped Swallows, a pair were dashing over the cliff edge as Thekla Larks caught our eyes.
Up the hill from our apartments is a lighthouse surrounded by scrub land and trees and is good for birding. Over the cliffs flew Yellow Legged Gulls and in the distance on the shoreline we spotted Little Egrets. Goldfinch and Greenfinches were evident as too were the sounds of Dartford Warbler.The latter proved elusive to me!Sardinian Warblers were first heard and then seen. I became quite blase about these by the end of our week having seen them everywhere!! A pair of Black Wheatears were seen on our return down the hillside, a good spot. As were Pied Wagtails and Spotted Flycatchers.
I did take my camera with me on most of the trips so will post some pix (once I know how to post them!!) after I have downloaded them.
So the first day.

Just been listening to Bruce Springsteen's latest album and watching the DVD. "We shall overcome" a tribute to Pete Seeger.
Took me back to College days and folk music...I really enjoyed some of the arrrangements....and I loved the fact that it was recorded live so they were making music. No rehearsals. Pure enjoyment from the musicians.I am in a good mood, great cos I'm off out to visit friends!

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