Tuesday, November 01, 2011

QE2 Reservoir and Bushey Park

Monday - I went to QE2 Reservoir in the afternoon to see a Shorelark - sans camera.(Not really expecting to go I hadn't taken everything with me! Interesting going to a new reservoir especially getting in- a bit strange in reality. Those of you who have been understand what I am getting at!
Its a long walk from one end to the other and tricky spotting the quarry but what a lovely bird!
I shall be on the look out for a photo from a photographer as this bird was a really good looker!
Adventure over I returned home to discover the muscles in my back had decided to rebel again and I was unable to go out to a meeting!

Tuesday was a horrible day to start - but it got better - I decided I need to test out the back again and thought where might I go. Yesterday I had driven through Bushey Park and that seemed like a good place to go today. I could get a bacon butty and a good coffee or hot chocholate - and then there were also other important facilities!
Plus thenice part of the park I like has a separate cp where not everybody parks!

Great bacon butty and very lovely cappacino - off to the facilities and then to the empty cp - well empty except for a pair of Crows - carrion who were in mid bathing!
What an opportunity to try out the new camera again (yes I had got everything in the car this time!) well a car is a useful hide and had fun with the two Crows who bathed in two pools and were great bathers - time and again they were disturbed by vans or lorries working in the park driving by their fav pool but they went back again and again and I got some shots! see below.
I had a nice walk andmanaged to pish up some garden birds but not for long enough to get any shots! LOL!
except some starling who flew into the top of a tree!
Jay, Magpie, Robin, wren, Blue and great tits all eluded me- think they were having a laugh!
Then I had a flock of Crossbills fly over me! Great!
At the end of the walk on my way back to the car I was surprised that a stick turned into antlers and a roar from a stag who had been asleep in the long grass and stuff!
He stood up bellowed and went back to a shattered sleep. He looked totally knackered - I was very glad that I hadn't been the reason he gave up his hiding place -but others who walked near him!

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