Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catch up after problems with Blogger and my pc!

Long time no post!

Today - Forest of Dean - Nagshead RSPB and to Symonds Yat.

New birds for the year
Pied Flycatchers! At least 5 males and 2 females seen and we think at least twomore heard!
A pair of Wood Warblers!
The male was very loud and demented! Fliting from branch to branch and it was only when we also spotted the female we understood his behaviour!

We missed any Spotted Flycatchers but meet a guy leading a group who told us about a pair at SY.....we let him know about some laces we had seen Pied Flies and Wood Warblers- fair does!

off to S Yat - first time for me.....and lo we heard a Spotted Flycatcher as we crossed the bridge!
Yes we were told by the helpful RSPB workers where the SF perched - and yes he was about!
Peregrine male out hunting!

After 15 mins up popped the boy! Bob had gone off to see if he could see it from beyond the bridge so there was a suspense - would Bob have seen the target bird?
Yes he had and was coming to check I had seen same!
great - so for me 3 new year ticks and 2 for Bob!

no Furry pigs seen tho....

I will update later (maybe tomorrow) on birds seen since the last post - Nightingale photos from Pat and Sedge Warbler!

I think I am on 245 now for the year - need to update Bubolisting for defo numbers!

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tommyart said...

Come on Birders need photos! even rubbish ones like mine help the story along! Cheers!