Thursday, March 03, 2011

Isleworth Waxwings the sequel!

Now for something completely different!

Why different they are my record shots this afternoon on a local birding expedition!

After my further afield exploits it was interesting to see Waxwings back in Isleworth.
There are few berries about but these birds find them!

Oh yes bit behind on my blog....
now what has been occuring a day when Bob and I searched for two bird species that are sadly becoming scarce locally in the south of england!

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and Willow Tit both found in sensitive places. We are sworn to secrecy!

Monday saw me return to seek out an Iceland gull despite the weather and Bob and I deciding we were not going anywhere. I had a day off so why not I thought - cant bear dipping! Iceland gull was where Bob had described and I had spent considerable time seeking it- on Monday bird was forgiving! I was looking for a 1st winter when in reality the bird is turning into a second year plumage!Still there it was- phew.....

oh and did I say I saw the White-tailed Eagle? I did? and yes I did!
I love raptors!

Shame about the Waxwings locally was my photographer friend was going pout tonight so not returning home after work but anyway they had flown off at 3.30.

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