Monday, September 27, 2010

a year tick and a dip!

This morning a revisit to the lighthouse in sun! Arctic Warbler really showing well and a photographers dream.
Hopefully i will be able to post one of Jon Dunn's lovely images later!

Barred Warbler in the quarry.

Eventually we saw a lovely if elusive Yellow Browed Warbler at the mill!

The dip well .....a White's Thrush that had a huge twitch on at Sandwick!
Whilst the bird is still there whether we get to see it or not will be down to luck rather than fieldcraft!

Still it was a lovely day and we ended up with a Common Rosefinch that finally gave itself up to view thanks to Rob and his very well behaved dog!

The supporting cast wasn't bad for a days birding! More later!
Oh the title - actually two year ticks!
Awaiting that lifer!

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