Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trip to Bucks

Well it was off to the annual visit to Foxcote Reservoirs....why not Foscote?

A certain adult male Ring-necked Duck spends his winters here and he is a jolly fine duck! So off we set this morning in sunshine! The birds that greeeted us were a pair of Bullfinches...glimpsed by me.
We then spent considerable time seeking the R_N D- being joined in the hide by a couple of workmen from the being very local and friendly and wanting to know about what we were looking for and what we had seen and telling us what he knew- he had seen a couple of Martins fly over earlier - not sure which-he was quite knowledgeable....for a non birder...a countryman who like nature. We eventually located said duck and the chaps were able to look in our scopes and see him.

They stayed for a while before going back to work. Bob thought he had seen a female scaup - so we worked hard to locate her and there she was - 1st winter! Great!

On route back we rediscovered the Bullfinches and got very good views of the pair!

3 ticks!

We spent time watching the GCGrebes almost dancing! Goldeneyes and Shovellers and Widgeon and various other ducks...tufted and otherwise!

off to Tring reservoirs hopeful of hirendines....none - but we had a nice lunch of Shepherds Pie and veg with a splendid cuppa!

Then it was off to the Chilterns.....over 150 + Red Kites seen and 4 Buzzards with some Kestrels.....corvid city again - altho Rooks and crows most numerous.

We ended the day seeking and finding a pair of Willow Tits.

4 Year ticks and some good birding!

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