Monday, February 15, 2010


Sunday - Eagles nearly beat Aston Villa - according to Neil Warnock and the slow mo TV we should! Their last goal should not have happened if the lino had spotted that the ball came off our goalies head and straight back from the on-rushing Villa forward and out for a goal kick! I must admit the tv didn't show this in real time at the time - but if you were there it was clear!

A replay will give us money - hopefully they cant play their best team as its a few days before their Wembly final for the other cup!

We can dream!

Just switched the tv on to see Sachin Tendulker score his 47th century! India are in command at mo against SA - as I suspected when SA won the first test!

I have some work to do now - so i will have to tear myself away from this exciting Cricket! 331 -3 Partnership 249 - Sehwag out for 165

Olympics - in Canada have started - I expect the sad news that a competitor died flying off the track in the Luge practise is know by non sports followers.
I quite like some of the events - the Hockey is totally frentic! Ski-ing is so exciting - down hillamazing and the jumping - thats mental! I once stood at the top of the Hill in Oslo (1977) and stood where they do before going into the middle to whizz down that slope - that was scary enough in the summer!The hills are higher now!
Obviously we are all Curling lovers now - so will be following our men - they havesome chance of success.

Ice dance might be interesting this time....

then there are the really exciting races on the snow boarders...never done it and knees wont let me but I am sure I would have had a go when I was in my twenties!

AC Milan (my Italian club) v Man U (my second club in England) should be interesting on Tuesday evening.


Tony Morris said...

Man Utd your second club! shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link C. Great head shot of Arstocrat of the Gull world.

Also liked the photo of the argentatus, with juv. The adult looks sooo interested in the youngster, lol.