Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where to begin?

I will be blogging later - probably tomorrow as the weather will be aweful!

So much has happened since I returned from Shetland.But I will be retelling my tales and adventures there soon, just how good was it well I am going back in June for Seabirds (a week) and again late September/October for two weeks. So I have caught the bug which states you dont ever only go to Shetland once!

Since then I have caught up with our long staying Brown Shrike locally - been for a trip oop North for a couple of days(yes, I did see the ECW - in fact on two occasions!), so I am pleased! I have also been to Norfolk for a day or two and been down to Kent.BWof a change!

Some record pics - some no pics as bird (s) were too far away /batteriues failed, the usual excuses- generally its that other people take better photo's or there are better ones on the net!

For Paul some pics to come of gulls and Fulmars!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks C! ready when you are.