Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Spotted Crake

Finally spotted!

Got to the hide with coffee by 10am sat in desired spot - scope sorted and watched...bloke thought he saw it...on the island (but it had been reported in the usual spot..looked I saw Snipe(s) and a wisp of Water Rail!

Back to watch spot and there it was briefly - told people and one woman with scope managed to see the spot and a bit of bird - few mins later and it was there again and several were able to look in my scope and see it!

All now knew where...I vacated spot and finished my coffee on the way back to the car!

3rd time lucky.

This evening pager goes off mega on Shetland (will disappear in a day or so) - it begins!

Willet (?) anyone - altho I am not fussy really I am not - there are lots of birds that would be good - year list - Life list or - Shetland list (which is on none - so I must get some!)

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