Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here we go again

Another attempt to catch up on my bird blog - shant worry about other things -life goes on!

KFP (Kingfisher Project) part 2 - went to Rye Meads saw the breeding pair and y friend got a flyaway photo.

KFP part 3 will be next week on my friends return from Sicily!
A Caspian Tern turned up in Welney on 4th July - as I was in the Brecks/on route for seeking out a Ruddy Shelduck.
Having seen the Tern late morning -I aborted Ruddy shelducks and went to Otmoor to spy a Marsh Warbler.

Scottish visit involved seeing the River Warbler (cant believe I missed the South coast bird last year!) Applecross - both very nice! Across to Skye for Golden Eagles, Twite and Black Guillimots - and an Otter!

West Coast for a WT Eagle -Sea Eagle rules!

A whizz into Abernethy Forest for Crested Tit and Parrot Xbill and once again no Capers capering or otherwise!
Across a moor or two for Red and Black Grouse - "go-back" and"grousing"

Couldn't face the climb up in the Cairngorms for Ptarmigan and Dotterels -so will have to hope to see young D's on route back to their wintering quaters.


A world lifer and another couple on the year list! This time I did go to Norfolk proper!

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