Sunday, June 21, 2009

Search for a photogenic Kingfisher

Having promised to take my friend to seek out a Kingfisher to photograph today I could not go to North Wales to dip or otherwise a Royal Tern.The uk life list will have to wait!

Promises are promises (eeek) still I think it is on its way North so Lancs is relatively easier to get to than NWales coast! Talons crossed for Seaforth!

So to Little Marlow GPs via M40 - lots of Red kites to cheer me up!
A long walk around the Little Marlow GPs....seeing lots of Tern activity including a first for my friend young Terns(unable to fly yet), beautiful water lilies and finallyafter armies of Canada Geese (mixed ages) Lapwings a plenty - several GC Grebes including one busy building a nest, Coots various ages, Mallards similar, lots of woodland birds including a Garden Warbler that would not show! Finally I spy a KF land on a branch in the distance - and manage to get Pat on it before it flew landed on another branch on another tree and then fly over the water and away!

We decided on a walk beside the Thames as we could not go where te bird had gone and it didn't return.....

An angler had tod us of a Farm with a lake where there were 4 White Waltham....well we tried to find it without any real directions ( if we had the name of the farm we could have found it,I have now on the net!) and failed. There is always Lavell's Lake I thought - yes 2 years ago daily KF but now - nope.
However I ran into local patch worker Alan and that was pleasant and Pat got photo's of GCGrebe pair and one young another first for her - the 2 week old stripey headed beauty being fed fish by the parents!

When we were at the local country park enjoying cold Pea and mint or Watercress soup she showed me a small wabler she had taken a lovely photo of...yes a Sedge Warbler ...Alan had said he had seen Reed Warblers and Buntings today but no sedge well there it was!Another new bird for pat!

I will post up pics when I receive them.

Thinks one really needs a nest site with fledged young for KF photos.....its really a tricky assignment! Maybe we will have to return to Wakehurst.

Come on Royal Tern I need you to show somewhere accessible for a trip on Wednesday early morning.....

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