Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where to today?

After a chat with Bob yesterday - I followed his advice and decided to visit Otmoor (RSPB) nr Oxford a nice little run out on the M40/A40 (Any excuse to see Red Kites!)

Just before I was leaving I saw the Black winged Pratincole had been relocated to Stodmarsh (it was found at Reculver at the w/e) what to do...a longer trip than i had planned on or what?

Its a lifer....its not been in Kent for 20 odd years - its not been in UK...

I changed my mind -ok Kent.

Got to car - a soggy tyre...its a puncture I thought...the nearest Kwiqfit is very near so off there....88 quid later its a new tyre...

weather clouding over whats it going to be like in Kent?

No if Bob wants to go we can only go tomorrow as he is busy today. OK stick to Plan A.

60 Red Kites on the journey there with 4 Buzzards and a Kestrel!

Otmoor is well hidden and I managed just one wrong turn into avillage rather than bypassing it but found the place . A helpful volunteer and I had a chat.

off to find see able Groppers...Grasshopper Warblers....notoriously skulkers first class...and a Cuckoo - target birds....

well the firing range wasn't today so I could walk there- lots of singing but non seeable birds due to the winds.

Back to the bench nr the feeders.Be patient -well rewarded was I!

A Gropper popped out and showed well and then vanished!

A REd Kite flew over my head and stayed for a secong or two giving fab views. I found the camera and tried for some shots of the flying beauty- shouldn't have bothered! Went back and sat down and immediately stood up again - A HOBBY! flying in that same field and then vanished. A little while later scaning with bins and I found him sitting in a tree and watched him for 20-25 mins as he swayed in the wind perched and then flew to capture an insect and back!Brilliant.

Heard the Cuckoos and on walking back up to the bridle way was rewarded again with a flyover Cuckoo!

Wow 3 year ticks - and one I was not even looking for!

Plenty of other birds about including Lapwings a very nosy Rook, Crows and Magpies as well as a wide variety of smaller birds- Reed Warblers, Long tailed Tits and Chaffinches with Greenfinches and the usual garden birds!All looking at their best...also lots of fledglings- Blackbirds and two Swallows on my way up Otmoor Lane.

I was quite happy with my day!

On the M25 - (after 38 seen Red Kites on route back!)thought should I go to Kent bird still been seen up to 2.17 and it was three ish-- no I really ought to wait in case Bob wants to go too.....( I hate the M25 in the rush hour and at other times too like today I didn't fancy it one bit!)

then it had flown off by 2.40 and I was glad!
But it was back by 3.10...reported at 3.34.

I hate this twitching lark it plays havoc with your brain! Better to be at work i think then you cant go!

Well you cant see them all says Kite!

Still I think its a phone call to Bob re tomorrow as I think I would like to go!


Warren Baker said...

gone on mate - you know you want to!

60 kites! bloody hell, brilliant

Eagleseagles said...

Bob and I are off to Kent tomorrow!