Monday, April 27, 2009

Heavens how time flies!

I cant believe it!

So much time gone and so many opportunities for viz mig and I just havent had timeto blog!

So here are some photos taken by Pat - in Norfolk and at Barnes I am hoping that she gets some goodies over the bank hol w/e as they will bein Devon and she has borrowed my 100-400 lens!

I hope to do some sea watching in the next week or so and seek out any rares that might arrive...a very nice Purple heron turned up in east london and then went to erith marshes which I found so much easier...alth I should have gone on the friday and bought ba permit as they were only £1.

Over the weeks there have been Velvet and common scoters on Staines...some interesting visitors to Barnes and locally the migrants are arriving.

For a laugh you might try to id all these birds and the mammal! No prizes just the satisfaction of being right!


MaineBirder said...

Very beautiful birds you have in your area and the photos are excellent!

Eagleseagles said...

Oh the Crane is a captive bird...wish it were wild!