Thursday, September 18, 2008

Honey Buzzard from the garden!

Wow - a really brilliant from the garden tick!

This morning I was in my garden about 7.15 doing the normal check of the local birds in the "patch" - and a large raptor appeared flying in the clear cloudless skies!

It didn't actually fly over my garden but I could clearly see it from my garden! Thankfully I had my bins with me but having watched lots this summer in Espana - I recognised its jizz!

I rushed through the house and out into the road and watched it turn south and fly on south...

Honey's have wide wings , a long tail a very clear stripe/band on their tails and they lead with their head - I'll try to explain that - on some birds when they fly you dont notice the head (Common Buzzard) but with a Honey you really see the head!

(I was shaking - and this is only a from the garden tick - rivals my Whooper Swans !!!!)

Apparently we are having a Honey buzzard invasion from Scandinavia - most of the birds appear to have by past London but some have come straight through.

Reminds me of Logie - Osprey who flew across Terminal 4 on her route back to Scotland earlier this year!

Oh boy - got to have another cup of tea!


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Anonymous said...

Some people have all the luck! i am not in the least jealous sneaky!!