Friday, August 29, 2008

I dont like Cricket, I love it!

Well we have won a one day international series finally!

Well done Captain KP, Freddie (star!) and to Stuart and Sammi excellent bowling. All backed up by some great wk by Matty Prior, some good bowling of Anderson, Harmison and some good batting by Bell, Shah and some fielding by Colly - and theres Luke of course

well really great all round performance from our team!

Let's see if we can make it 5-0 (thats put the mockers on that!)

Anyway some pics from my long w/e on the Houseboat on the Thames.The reason a boy called cebo he is also included!
Some Great Crested Grebe juvs put in an appearance couldn't resist!
There were lots of Herons about!


Anonymous said...

Great pix. Corinna.

Looks like the dogs and birds enjoyed themselves as much as you did.

One techy. point: I had difficulty scrolling down SLOWLY with this blog.
Doesn't happen elsewhere.

best wishes, terratoonie.

Eagleseagles said...


I cant help you with the techy stuff as I can scroll down vvvvslowly- sorry.

Perhaps Tricia or Pete might help if it happens to them?


Anonymous said...

No prob's with the scrollll down this end. Nice looking dog sneaky, how about the cats? birds ain't bad either.

Eagleseagles said...

Blooming heck compliments from Shifty!

I'll post some pics of my cats(on Bigg BF already!) and the others - just got to take some!

You were supposed to be id ing the gulls I have post on Gulls, gulls gulls thread on BBF. So get along now quickly!

Poor Pete is in misery with his attempt as he dont know if he has any correct! We must encourage him!


Anonymous said...


I'd really been hoping for LOTS more response to your BB gull-theme thread. It's a good one.

I did have the wicked idea of identifying each bird individually as 'Seagull' LOL

Thought that might annoy folk enough that they would tell me this is NOT what's required... and then they would add the correct IDs. LOL

best wishes, terratoonie

Anonymous said...

Well sneaky! you post Gull's on BBF and dont tell me, how can i help I.D. em!! as for putting Pete out of his misery, why. Ok i'am off LOL.