Friday, May 09, 2008

A day in Sussex that ended on Sheppey!

A planned trip to Sussex had to be changed to Thursday.

I left early morning to travel to Midhurst - parking in their free car park i saw a Kestrel hunting in the field...the first of many Kestrels I saw throughout the day.
After a good breakfast I was off- nearby is a good site for Dartford Warblers and on looking from the car park I immediately spotted one! Then there were two - a pair! Unfortunately no sign of Tree Pipit, my other main target here.

On to Pagham - where I saw lots of Terns including among the Commons - Little and Sandwich.Very little off the coast - in fact it was so choppy that I doubt I would have seen anything anyway...just not high enough - a nice tower would be good!
However the sound of a Whimbrel above my head was welcome indeed as was the sighting - my first this year!
Lots of nesting activity.

Wandered around looking in channels abd seeing lots of waders - but nothing new for the year!Where are the green Sandpipers when you want to see 'em?
Then a pair of Turtle Doves flew over.
In the Churchyard a Spotted Flycatcher was catching .....flies!

In to the Visitors centre and found that the most updated list was for Monday - no help there then!

Over to Pulborough - it was a planned visit but helpful that Temminck's Stints I didn't see on Sheppey on Sunday were still being reported as present.

A walk towards Nettley Hide and at Jupp's View I joined another birder who hadn't been there long we were than almost immediately joined by another birder - Common Sandpiper...and then the secong chap said got one! We all got onto one in front of a Canade Goose...then later we spied another two! Great.

I had heard and seen a couple of Nightingales on my way around but still not sight nor sound of a Cuckoo!

As I was leaving Pulborough I looked at the pager- Collared Pratincole- Swale NNR.
This would be a UK Lifer -having seen lots in Espana as well as a very good Kent tick. So by a slight diversion I was on my way home!

Arriving on Sheppey to see said bird hawking for flies! Great!

Many thanks to Derek Faulkner the finder.

Then it was home to try to beat the rush hour traffic.

A fabulous day weather wise and certainly a great day birding wise!

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