Friday, July 13, 2007

To my readers

Sorry I have not blogged in ages...problems mainly with the pc but also I havent really felt like it!I am told that this happens to bloggers...but since I have never blogged daily cant see how I'm blogged out as in tombed out as any traveller to Egypt will recognise!

Not sure what to write except I have seen some Football from Canada under 20's World Cup, some footie from South America...some of the final parts of the Tour of France (ie about 20 k to go....and rain and rain and rain.........

and rain...and rain and rain....
Thats it I'm rained out!!

I have to sort out my Espana Birding trip...awaiting photos from a couple of the people who went with us...and notes from one of the leaders who promised to send me his nots as I couldn't keep up with the plants and Butterflies!!

I will try to do better in the future!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi eagleseagles - nice to read your note. I also get spells of not knowing what to write. I think a blog will come to you and I see you have popped in a few above there. I am totally blogged out on my bird blog.