Sunday, January 31, 2010

A day birding on Sheppey

Superb day- weather as well - until about 2 when the temperature decided to plummet and the sun went in! Still it kept dry!

Full details will be on my blog tomorrow

thanks to Derek - who gave me heads up on the White-fronts, Barnacles and Spoonbill. All duely seen and admired, along with the many Brents!

Raptor day - over near Capel Fleet - and Raptor watchpoint with flying and perched female Merlin, a Pair of Peregrine perched and a male who entertained us with his flying and hunting,
lost count of the Marsh Harriers - all jolly splendid
Hen Harriers - 2 females -
I presume the resident female flew up from her perch in trees to attempt to see off a visiting female - looked matched for size- the flying was superb - at one time they mirrored each others flying so not lacking in skill there!
Pair of Kestrels near the entrance road to Elmley- on a chimney stack.

We ended at the Raptor watchpoint with 4 Barn Owls all out hunting - one individual who ate his catch in front of us on a bank!

Down side - well dipped Little Owl at Elmley about 11 and again at dusk - we heard from Gordon -( good to meet you at last Gordon!)
he'd left his box at 4 and was out hunting (the owl not Gordon!)
We also couldn't find the Little Owl up at Harty - and no sign of the Hooded Crow- in fact we searched for Crows! Corvid flock containing Rooks with 6 crows! They were with 35+ Stock Doves!

Still added 15 to the year list.

I love being on Sheppey in the sun with nar a breath of wind! It didn't last of the time we were sea watching it was cold!
Still Common Scoter (yr tick) and Sanderling in dozens(just lovely seeing sanderlings!) were reward enough at Shellness along with lots of other waders and gulls - altho no Med gull showed their heads - or wings or anything else.

I'll copy and paste my blog to the North Kent Section of KOS website.

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