Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow today - well a bit!

Because I was in most of the day due to weather - I realised I had not posted some photos from Shetland. These are all by Heather Gerrard. Heather and her husband Don were great companions on our Shetland Trip. Heather as you can see is a good photographer and she had promised to send me some copies of the special birds we had seen. I had mentioned a number to her - including the Risso's Dolphin we saw on Fair Isle - I will try to find my pic- you will have a laugh!The Raven - well that is a perched Raven - and we spent a while trying to find one that was perched and not flying! Its one of those if you were there at the time things!

The Taiga was a triumph as all I managed was an empty trunk and an empty wall where it had been!

The AGP - I didn't realise there was a photo! That was one we self found.

Anyway its good to think about Shetland again.

Australia managed a minor miracle and won their test - well perhaps the Pakistani batsmen gave it away!

Graham Smith was majestic yesterday and not bad this morning - phew finally gone!

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