Monday, February 01, 2010

The Big Garden Bird watch

Well having had the feeders up for over a year I have my regulars - and with the additional feeders (a christmas present) up and running since just after Christmas day - the birds have been having a feeding frenzy - especially during the snow and the freezing days...

Well they didn't let me down - I know when they arrive en masses at breakfast time - so did my hour then.

14 Goldfinches, 2 Robins (usually only 1 - so I hope he has a girlfriend!, 4 Wood Pigeons, 5 Starlings (where was the usual 6th?), 8 House Sparrows (all present and correct!), 2 Blue Tits , One Great tit, 2 Blackbirds (the resident pair), Yes - 1 Collared Dove and one of the Chaffinches!
oh and a RN Parakeet came to my tree and went back to his two mates - the branches of my tree prevent them settling on those feeders and they have never attempted the new ones- bet thats famous last words...

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