Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tanzania 2011 part1

View from our plane of Mount Kilimanjaro!

What an amazing country, such lovely friendly and gentle people and a fantastic adventure. Thanks to Roy Safaris(especially Nancy) and our driver/guide Richard who was full of knowledge, helped me id many birds and got the Jeep into great positions for Pat's photographs. Richard has a lovely sense of humour and an understanding of irony!

Really difficult to know where to start so a few pics (mine)- you will have to wait for the decent photos to be on here- as Pat has to download rather a lot and sort them out - there are some brilliant photographs to be posted!

I took a limited number as my memory card was full very quickly- I discovered why on my return home when I downloaded the pics using windows and founs all the video clips still on the card! Cant be seen through the camera.
I didn't mind!

I will mention the dust and the long bumpy roads because its true there were a lot of both!

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