Saturday, August 13, 2011

I dont like Cricket ....I love it!

I missed the Second Test while I was away in Africa. A mate text me the result and the words "India were rubbish". Obviously I was happy we had gone 2-0 up - but winning by over 300 runs and that comment made me sad. The No 1 team in the world - the most talented batting team and they are rubbish.
Something has gone wrong - no dis credit to our team who are playing at the top of their game- all of them! The preparation must have been wrong.

I watch the 4th day of the Third Test and the teams are really mismatched.

I only hope "the little master" Tendulker can show some fight - he does look solid this morning.

Yes course I want England to win this match but I still want to see those glorious stroke making of Sachin!

Anderson is bowling so well....

Well thats it 3-0 and we are No 1 Team in the World!

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