Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy week

Well today I finally managed to download all the photographers photos from our trip to Tanzania. I had to buy some dvd's to burn the photos on a I couldn't download from the external hard drive to my hard drive.

So I have all the photos - all the sunsets and there are lots as Pat spent each evening we were at Manta Resort taking pics!

What a day - Bolt not doing what we expected - seems like rather too many athletes being disqualified the starter doesn't appear to be that good as he holds them a lot and is a bit picky - I would have immediately asked for an appeal on Bolts part rather than the drama that ensured - just claimed all the cliclking of the cameras made me do it - cant see anyone not agreeing!

Grand Prix with Hamilton crashing out - whose fault I wonder? Button coming good....
that charming German winning again!

Well and then I had several houses to visit to feed cats and spend time with them- so I timed it to be when Five live did the commentary on ManUtd v Arse.
So I left Tillie happy with the begining and then Alf was happy after the usual moans and the cat that gained most was Poppy! As I was there for the second half.
But where was the home loving Rosie?

Looking forward to seeing the gamne on Sky tonight or going round to Pats and watching it on MUTV!

My lot have just been tempted by Duck breast- not that they got anything except the last bits !

So now I have to start the blog about Tanzania!

Before that though - the seawatching wasn't all that I had hoped but Dunge delivered a Balearic shearwater and a Whinchat ( yearticks) and a Kent Tick finally of Raven!

So Friday was the trip to attempt the Warblers- Bonnellis for the year and Greenish for a lifer! Greenish has been a blocker for some time - usually turning up- in England when I am on Shetland or abroad!

So it was emense relief when not only the Bomnnelli flicked and twitched and turn just enough to see it and the Greenish finally sang from the top of a tree in full sight!

I also added a Red-backed Shrike as a bonus!

Now my mate Bob was a tiny bit jealous and shot off there on Saturday - fortunately he too spotted the pair!

We had Monday down for a trip if anything turned up or what? Not sure anything new has (apart from Seaforth) but thats flown orsomerset for a crake- can I be arsed?

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