Monday, February 07, 2011

Norfolk again!

We had arranged to go back to Norfolk to pick up the birds we dipped 3 weeks ago and last Sunday!
Talons crossed that American Wigeon, Shorelarks were still at Cley and we also wante another trip to Stubbs Mill for the Cranes!

We arrived at Cley with the pager telling us that a Glaucous Gull had been on the North Scrape first thing. We were there about 10 and no sign!
So then off to the East Bank and finally we spotted the American Wigeon, I am so glad that Bob spotted the white amidst all the wigeon on the bank in amidst the grass.
The wind was really gusting and blowin' a great would there be any Shorelarks to be seen?
We walked to the end of the East bank and ther were some birders way to the east in between the shingle dune(to the beach) and the sheltered area before the pools.

We meet a pair of birders returning whohad seen the Shorelarks altho they were being kicked along the area further and further by a small group of other birders.
Bob whizzed off and I walked along normally (foot still not perfect!)without saying anything we had both thought bet there is a greedy photographer not content with giving the birds room to feed and get reasonable shots but wanting just that better shot! Why is it that some do this?
I arrived to see all 5 watching the Shorelarks and Bob had one in his scope- yes - I looked for a bit longer and there was a lovely adult male in all his glorious make up!
Oh yes and guesss what at least one of this group had a long lens!

We left after watching the birds for a while.

There had been a Tundra Bean Goose reported at the Hangs with Pink consult the map and try to find the Hangs! So we drove around and saw no geese at all - Bob got out a couple times to check the fields - but directions were sadly lacking!

So to Sheringham......a little sea watch Purple Sands as people on the beach walking dogs or what ever - so we sat in a shelter and watched the sea!

We had Turnstones near our feet as they boldly picked up any crumbs left by the visitors!

We spotted a Rock Pipit at the same time!

The only other new bird a Great Northern Diver - soon after came a Red throated and the contrast in size was noticeable - apart from Gulls and Oystercatchers the only other bird seen was a distant Gannet!

We attempted to find a Fudge Duck (f) on the Broads but unfortunately a long division to North Walsham left us without much time - so we abandoned the effort
- and dived off for Stubvbs Mill. We arrived earlier than usual - and watched lots of Marsh Harriers....Bob went for a walk came back having seen a nice male Bullfinch and a couple of Siskins...
we waited and waited - then wow a family group of 3 Cranes flew in from the right and on towards a field followed closely by 4 more!

We waited - and after seeing a Merlin.....and my feet in wellies statrted to get cold...we left happy with our Crane sightings.

So 3 targets all connected with plus 2 more for the year list!

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