Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well whilst a variety of birders were either in Oxon or at Rainham - this happy Eagle wandered west!
It seems this has become my half term! Weather was suposed to be dreadful all week after Monday but has been surprisingly clement especially in the south for Wednesdy and Thursday!

Well I needed a RBG x 2 - yup Ring-billed Gull and Red -breasted Goose.

Bob went for a wander one day in the week a couple of weeks ago when i was up to my eyes in meetings! Dab nab it!

So as Gossie has not been reported since 6th Feb (does that mean anything - I decided that the Poole park RBG would be worth a look!
I was worried about the Goose - since it and the Brents have been flying to IOW and all points in Hants!
So I thought lets target the rbg first and go to Keyhaven (hoping for some waders I hadn't seen- nope - that bit didn't work out!) so when I had looked around Keyhaven
no RBG - lets look at Pennington --hohoho a couple of birders were looking at

yes! RBG so get in there my dear!
I do love Red b geese - in fact I do often go and see the tame ones at Barnes - just cos I can!
I will see them one day in the wild in quantity!
Anyway time to be getting on as i had limited time today!
So to Poole......1st winter Ring-billed Gull ( a different character to my friend Gossie!) but i was in fortune and the boy was present! Yes.

Pager is a friend indeed and news of Cattle Egret(s) was welcome...not been many i could go for this winter!
Fordingbride is becoming a favoured place in the winter!

Well not F but A!

Still grateful for the wellies still not cleaned...muddy path and there they were - bit of a shock as only one on the pager but there were two! with the Little Egrets (I have had a few! but too few to mention!)

I then had a couple of phone calls from Council Officers! - one had been asked to ringme when a letter was ready to be signed and his colleague nearby in the same section but with a different job picked up I was available to talk! lol to be a Cllr!

Anyway it was obvious I should get back earlier than I thought so I had to give up ideas of tagging the WTE Hordle!

Lovely thing was when I did get back to the Civic centre an Officer asked me about the difference between a Crow and a Raven!This lead to conversations about RNP- the Falcon the council brings in to clear the Ferals - must remember to find out when the Falconer comes in I really want to see this!
and Woodpeckers!

3 nearer to Bob!

When I came home tonight after a meeting or two...I see there were 3 Golden Pheasants at Brownsea.....when am I going to see these beauties again?

See I am on missionary activity in spreading the good news re birds!

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