Friday, October 29, 2010


I wish!

I have just heard from my friend Tommy on Fair Isle and they still have waxwings there - even in the wind and rain!
These are all Tommy's photo's -I am sure he will be happy to let me share them!
Fancy looking out in your garden and there is a flock!
Such exotic birds and so very lovely!

Earlier this week I went to Sussex ( photography of the Autumnal season being the main aim) and watched more woodland birds than for a long time!
Treecreepers by the 10! Jay's, and tits galore plus wrens and the usual suspects.
Nuthatches too.
Have to say I was hoping we might see a Waxwing or two and took the pager in case any had been spotted locally where we were - never mind there are so many around this autumn that I feel sure I will be watching some before long!

(photos from Tommy H Hyndman)

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Hello! glad you like the photos!