Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some pics from Turkey

Not mine - but Pat's - finally a pic of a Kingfisher and she had to go all the way to Turkey for it!

And the gull - well I think its a Yellow-legged Gull.
I like this pic!

I had no pics from Shetland of mine! So I will beposting some of Hugh's and if I am lucky a couple from Jon - but that might be a while.


Glen Webber (NZ Wildlife Photography) said...

The Gull photo is great.

Anonymous said...

Hi C.
Well thats a nice pic of the Gull!
Yellow-Legged? Just for a tease, could it be an Atlantis? or a Yellow-Legged Herring Gull? Just a thought, Baltic not that far away
for the Herring.


Eagleseagles said...

I am off to the Gull book now - thanks for that Paul...I might need to put it on the Bird forum - ID section that does gulls-!

Good to hear from you again!