Sunday, October 10, 2010

another lifer!

This time Citrine Wagtail...and what great views we got as well!

Another warbler species causing id problems...a Booted - wellthats what we thought but later re id as a Sykes Warbler!
Either way - another british tick! But what to do about it? Can I be sure in mm mind what I actually saw - should we go with the actual id?

I will ponder this a while!

Still 3 UK lifers was good reward!

Well the shetland local usuals - Paddyfield, Pallas' Grasshopper Warbler and Lancy still defeat me!

So to Fair Isle - actually the winds were in the wrong direction but we did enjoy a Honey Buzzard and 2 Little Gulls - an Adult and a 1st winter....the Little Gulls are a FI rare!
Bluethroat showed well .......

The bonus of a visit to FI - well a stay at Auld Haa with Tommy and Liz - the best food on FI by a street!
Good to see them again and Henry!

We returned via a flight up the east coast of Mainland (due to high winds) with fantastic views of Mousa!
Hugh was there to take us to Geosetter where I enjoyed eventually great views of a fab Red flanked Bluetail! My second ever!

Then my biggest ever bogey bird was seen just before our arrival at Sumburgh Hotel - Pallas warbler! No sign ....and unfortunately no time in the morning as I was on the 8.15 flight! Big error there!
I now see it was at Sumnburgh Farm in the morning of sat! that hurts!

What to do about next year?
I will be going to the Labour Party can I then go for a couple of weeks to Shetland? Not sure but I really want to go for at least a week!Have to try to sort out dates soon!

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