Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Really cant do this on a regular basis

Keep saying - must do better!

Lovely juv Dotterel in Kent yesterday. Sandwich - havent been there for a long time. I think this is my first for Kent - certainly since 2004 - cant remember seeing one anywhere in Kent in my early birding years - stil to find those school diaries!

I think that next year -as the first 4 months will be busy for me - that I will concentrate on Kent/Sussex and Greater London birds - with only lifers/UK lifers outside of the area with a foray or two with my mates to Norfolk/Forest of Dean.

I have to do my tetreds (4) for breeding birds early and late season BTO.

I know that there will be the KF project to help my friend get good photo's of posing fishing Kingfishers!

Well I have to do some seawatching soon- perhaps Thursday and the w/e will bring the right weather - I shall be studying the magic seaweed to see when the conditions are likely to be favourable!I want to spend some more time in Kent anyway.

Sabine's Gull here we come!
(Yes I know there is one inland- but I do want to see one at sea!)

I am miffed that I didn't see the Sabine's that was spotted on a pelagic in Canada in 2004 - mind you it would have been a terrible sight - seconds!So on reflection probably better I didnt!

Sun is out finally today so I think it is time to go out and about and see whats about- Staines perhaps?


Kite1035 said...


Must keep in touch more if you are only doing London / Kent & Sussex

Eagleseagles said...

Hi Kite

That would be good - 2 pairs of eyes are better than 1!
You have my e-mail - drop me a note some time and we can have a chat.