Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tufted Puffin in Kent

where was I going this am?
Shellness/oare ....didn't get up as was awake most of the night! so decided Barnes -i am there dipping a spotted crake when the pager goes off.....Tufted Puffin --where (?)

I go home to sort out cats and go....when I look and see - seen for 15mins and then flew west....ok have time to sort myself out...and then a cat is sick!

so - I dont go.
Twitch all day at home hoping cat will be ok...(probably will but have to see!)

still no sign of bird....thats why they call it twitching.


The Quacks of Life said...

tut tut the Crake was SO EASY Trish saw it!!! titter

seriously I'm sure the cat (which one?) was more important than the puffin.

Eagleseagles said...

Not when the bird was either gone or hiding....a hide full of scopes by the time I left!

Cat (inevitably) is better - thanks
-my lovely silly Morse.

A Hobby flew over the garden in the early morning , so the garden raptor list is growing.