Monday, September 21, 2009

New Forest

Saturday was a day spent with friends - including one from Derbyshire down for a w/e.

Meeting at 8am - 8.10 I finally ring I am in the Car am I. Now we discover there are two car parks!

My friend has been watching a Treecreeper and I a variety of woodland birds including a noisy Jay!

We go for a walk where there are dozens of Stonechats and a few Dartford Wrblers. My friend has only ever glimpsed a DW before on a twitch (they are very rare in Derbyshire!) Now she is happy having seen one in my scope - so much so she now finds another one of her own!

We also have good views of Wrens and one Woodlark - which I get in my scope but as it doen't ave its crest up and its its back view with stuff in the front I am not convinced that friend will count it!

All 5 friends meet for coffee then go to Keyhaven to look at the sea - watch out for any birds - and see the Needles and a large lump that goes for the IOW.

Not a lot about - it was by now hot....august type hot andlots of locals and others...less birds - altho some Little Egrets were nice.

So it was off to the Smugglers Inn where we had a good lunch.Dragons by the stream....

A drive through the New Forest - ponies to the right , ponies to the left, ponies in the middle of the road!

I returned home by 5.30 having had a loely day in the sun...seen some birds but more importantly seen friends again.

(now where is that camera cable....?)

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