Saturday, September 26, 2009

A holiday and a dip plus a few birds for the year list!

Well its been a bird hunting week....dipping Spotted crake - twice - going to go again on Monday (3rd time lucky - now I know where it hides and where to sit in the hide...)LOL!

But I have seen White-rumped Sandpiper in Essex and Glossy Ibis in Kent and a Yellow browed Warbler at Barnes so not all bad!

Another trip out to Kent tomorrow. Will report back later.

I am getting very excited as I go to Shetland or is it I go to the Shetlands(?)next Saturday - for 2 whole weeks! I will be visiting a few of the different islands as well as a few days on Fair Isle! Hoping the winds change direction by then and there are lots of rare or scarce birds to be found as well as the usual local wildlife. Talons crossed for some cetaceans to be seen from the shore.

This is my first real holiday this year and I think it will be brill - its my first visit there and I am looking forward to all aspects of the culture as well as the wildlife.

Excited I am!


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Me thinks you should get a few days on Orkney!
Had great views of the Sandhill yesterday and AGP, amongst common birds.
Have fun on Shetland, hope it doesnt change to Sh1tland!

Eagleseagles said...

Glad you got to go Josh!Thought you must be away as no blog!

Unfortunately my usual birding mates are either in Spain or working! But another mate went without asking if I was up for it - I will get my own back!

I have to keep talons crossed that it stays until the middle sat(of the Shetland stay) and I might be able to get there then...or it comes North for me!