Sunday, March 01, 2009

Raptors in Surrey

Well having had to cancel going on our annual pilgrimage to the Forest of Dean at 6.45 on Saturday I went to sleep until 10.30.

The weather looked great! The birds were singing in the garden and the feeders were covered as was the tree!
How do I feel? Better.

A little later I thought about my mates watching Ravens and Goshawks at New Fancy and then the penny dropped. Thursday I had seen a report of Goshawks on Thursley Common on birdguides.Well why not? Not very far at all. So off I went down the A3 to Thursley armed with OS map. Now I dont know Thursley so I had a plan, start at the Car Park at the pond named The Moat and then walk to Pudmore Pond and thence to follow the path that leads to the highest point where I can scan around.

On arrival I heard Woodlark great, and then Coaltits and Greats and Blues and all these sounds became reality!

I had a scan of the Mote not much of note there, so on to walk towards Pudmore and as I was walking I spied a Buzzard and then another and then three! At least some raptors.
I turned to look towards the highest point and then my eye was caught by another bird of prey...and there were two soaring up higher and higher and they
disappeared before I could get them in my scope. OK,looked like Gos but need to be sure, so on we go..... another 10mins and there were two BOP flying, no tumbling in the skies....and as I watched two Goshawks became closer and closer until they were in my scope and they were displaying!

Exhilaration! Not only was I in Surrey not far from home but I was watching what I had been hoping for today but somewhat earlier in the day! February and Gos displaying! What a treat!

Now for a Raven!

Nope no Raven.....

I watched the Goshawks for another 20 mins and then once more they soared higher and higher until they disappeared into the ether!

I continued walking across the Common and looking for birds but no sign of the Dartford Warblers that Bob remembers so well being here.

About 3.30 I got myself in a nice position and decided to watch the skies...scope set bins alert and scanning.....

two Buzzards flew by no idea if the same birds but I guess so and then the unmistakeable male Hen Harrier flew magnificently into view - wow! They do take my breath away!

I am always in awe of Raptors as they hunt and fly!

A very satisfactory half days raptor birding.

Wonder how Bob and Geoff got on? Did they get to see the LEO? Bet they did and the Ravens. Cant have it all! Actually the Gos make up for missing the trip!


Warren Baker said...

Quite a morning Eagles! great to know that Goshawks are about.

Anonymous said...

Well done with the Goshawks C. They always remind me of a sparrowhawk on steroids. The best for me this am, was a Barn owl sat watching the world go by, + a pair of Sparrowhawks displaying, looked at my notes, they are a 2weeks earlier this year!