Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Past the 200 year list!

Well I finally finished my year listing on Bubo and I have seen 201 species this year so far!

I have had a little flurry of birds that have been tricky this year - Dartfords Warbler on a site in Sussex , a Grey Partridge or 5 in Sussex as well and finally a seen LSW rather than heard in Nonsuch Park on Sunday.

A pair of Garganey in Barnes, a Bonny Gull and a Chough or 4 in Wales with alittle trip to Leicestershire for an uncounted Kumliens Gull(I await the split) and a Green-winged Teal.

Thinking about a trip to Devon to try for the American Herring Gull which whilst has been there for a while it only appears to get seen on a Friday afternoon - this is when the finder is back in the hide! Altho someone saw it last Sat morning briefly and again seen today. May haveto leave it until other good birds are about to justify the long trip, or for my mates to accompany me!I see from RBA that the gull hadn't been seen on the sat or on Wednesday- they were reports saying someone had looked for the bird but not seen it!
Perhaps I willsee if the finder sees it again and then contact him and find out when he is next going! Or perhaps not!(edit)

There are migrants in bound but where the LRP was at Barnes at lunch time - I imagine curled up in a nice roost while the wind howled and the rain pelted down!

Stil the birds are arriving ad its such fun to see them again- a lot on their return from Africa!

I feel a trip to Scotland cant be far away!

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Warren Baker said...

Blimey mate, you get around a bit. Enjoy the spring birds!