Thursday, March 12, 2009


Oare has to be one of the sitein Kent I love!
When the wind blows it blows! When the wind drops all the little birds on site spring up and sing!

Finally put to bed a couple ofbirdswhich were becoming bogeys this year!

First Little Stint on the shoreline(phew!) and then Bearded Tits - typical when you want one none come along but once seen they are like buses and come in threes!
I defo had 3 different birds but there may have been more.

Tetrad week ahead now to complement the 2nd winter visits.

Now for the tricky bit nesting birds!

194 for the year .

Oh Shifty I see there is a Bonaparte's Gull been seen in Cardiff Bay. Wish t had been there when i went for the Lesser Scaup!

Looks like a Welsh trip is on the cards for the w/e?

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