Monday, January 12, 2009

A Winters Tale.

Today Bob and I had agreed to meet at 11am - to go to the Chilterns to see Red Kites and some other birds!

Awoke to a severe frost and snow! well 2mm???

It was cold and I had quite a few "things" to do. Anyway we meet as arranged and oft to Chilterns we got colder and colder and by the time we were on the M40 we were wondering what we had let ourselves in for - we saw a Red Kite - later we realised we ought to have turned around at the next exit and gone to Stockers Lake!

We persevered ....some one had a giant icing sugar container and emptied it all over the tress and everywhere in the Chilterns...decided lack of any birds!

One place with running water...some birds...all very pretty and no camera!

We did have a lovely Brazilian Coffee in Henley!
We visited Stockers Lake and suddenly there were birds including 12 Red crested Pochards!

Several other birds as well and squealing Water Rails with Grey Herons after them!
A brilliant local patch if you live in Rickmansworth!

We arranged to go to Sussex on Sunday. 8am start.

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