Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Schools Bird Watch

Well its that time of the year again.
So on a couple of mornings found me with year 4 at my local primary school - engaging in a little counting and id birds!

Both mornings were good - Monday brill as we were relatively warm and the sun shone....thursday not so good but it didn't rain!

I love the kids eyes they spot stuff!

Best birds have to be the Goldcrests - a are they over wintering or are they here for longer?
The 4 long tailed tits caused a stir and a Lesser Black backed gull was a good find...we have them flying over to and from the Thames.

Mainly though the usual local birds...and we actually heard and saw RN Parakeets flying over and once in the trees!

Why do they do this - go away when they are being counted?


Anonymous said...

Goldcrest, what a lovely find for the kids, i bet their faces were a picture in its self. As for the Goldcrest, they are now a good resident breeding species, so fingers crossed for your pair.
As for why do birds fly off when you need to count them, well it would be no fun if they stayed still, now would it LOL. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself C.


Eagleseagles said...

Its really great spending time with the children and seeing them really enjoy nature. Its all wonderment for them!