Friday, February 01, 2013

Up Helly Aa Morning thoughts

Hi all I was thinking that I haven't reflected the atmosphere very well in my posts. A key on trips like this is how the members in the 'bus get on and gel. Usually I find that as we are like minded - love birds and wildlife its really easy to get on with most people . OK sometimes you get the odd person but if you avoid religion and politics it usually works out- unless they are late to stuff- I have to admit I hate it if people are always late...being a punctual person myself. Yes things happen but sometimes a couple are always late and it irritates me beyond belief and on holiday I am quite a laid back person! To say our minibus of 8 plus Hugh was great is under-stating it - we worked well as a group and we had a terrific laugh! We also appeared to understand fieldcraft and when to be quiet without anyone having to say anything. Hugh Harrop is an outstanding guide and always goes several extra miles for his guests! I dont really feel like a guest anymore but a friend. Fortunately Hugh picks his guides well and Jon Dunn (who lives on Whalsay) is a brilliant guide and has a great sense of humour - I mention Jon as he was with the other group (we often met up in the course of the day) obviously we meet up in the evenings. I have been fortunate in the past to have been guided by Jon and he is full of fascinating stories and information.

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