Friday, February 01, 2013

Tuesday 29th Up Helly Aa Day Part1 Wildlife

We have three parts of the Fire Festival - so i thought I'd put the Wildlife together in one post and the UHA in another. First Port of call was Shetland Catch in Lerwick today there were more gulls than there had been and we were hopeful of an Iceland Gull. But alas not to be! Seals were very interested in the bread- as they are fed fish by the trawlermen and think thats what we have! So they come very close!
The water is so clear in the Harbour you can see the seals body! But I do love the very big guy! Next are some reflective shots using the colour of the hulls on the water for light interest! The Eider shot was a surprise just as I had both males in focus one dived!
After the Harbour we went to Scalloway to have lunch - superb fresh fried fish and chunky chips at Scalloway Hotel. Huge portions! Then to Laxfirth as Twite had been seen by the other group the other day - by the time e ent there as too much working going on! We arrived and heard them as we got out the minibus! Eventually they fle up to the wires and about 25-30 were sitting and calling! Happy Corinna. After looking at several Slav Grebes and a few other bits and pieces it as back to the site of the Mountain Hares nearby. Would they show? Could I get a pic or record shot this time?
I took a pic of the area where we had seen Mountain Hares - then one appeared and I managed a record shot! Later on as we ent to pick up the treking photographers another Hare appeared closer to the bus and I just shot a pic- really pleased as its the one standing up!

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