Friday, February 01, 2013

Monday 28th Jan. UHA part 4

Windy again! As we had sought and failed to see Otters yesterday it as decided that our group would go to the North Mainland...a fair distance so we left just after 8...the other group was going to go to Boddam. We were making good progress north when Hugh's mobile rang and it was Jon- his group were watching the Mother Otter who has a holt at Boddam! We turn around and speed south! When we arrived there was the Adult female Otter eating on a rock quite close to the road. We all got good views before unfortunately the local council skip lorry arrived to collect the skip nearby! The Otter took off! We stayed and after the Lorry had departed with its skip we searched the sea (voe). Eventually we spotted a shape in the water near rocks in the middle of the voe! We then enjoyed watching the Mother and two cubs playing in the surf and having a great time! Fantastic!
We went to St.Ninians and this was the sea! On this though were Long-tailed Ducks, Great Northern Divers and the inevitable Tysties! It was wild and wooly!
Lerwick Harbour
This is to show how rough it as in the very sheltered harbour!

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glad you had a good time!