Wednesday, October 19, 2011

catch up to the 300 year tics!

Yup finally got to the 300 year tics!
It really is about planning where you go each year mainly.

I havent visited Highlands this year so a lot of easy birds are not on my list yet - like my favs Golden Eagle.
Crested Tit and the parrotxbill plus scot xbills! plus the grouse black and red! and Ptarm plus Capers! losing 8 is a deal!

I havent twitched that much this year =I am going to do less next as I want to sort out a local patch but I will be visiting the Shetlands and Fair Isle again in October.
and if its a lifer well I need those!

However I do have comittments as a local cllr and I cant just drop everything like I might like!
I find it strange that I am on 300 already and have meet my committments yet in 2006 I was relatively clear to go where I wanted after May and I am 14 behind my best year list!
Experience tells!

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