Monday, January 31, 2011

Yesterday in Norfolk

I will return to post more - got a very busy day at the Council so may finish this tomorrow.

Briefly - 25 year ticks including a lifer! (Reached 400 UK life Birdwatch listing ya!)

over 90 species spotted - may have missed one or two that we did see!

So the Lifer?

Norther Harrier - this bird behaves more like a Marsh than a Hen seemingly not frightened of people - that does not mean an escape - until he came here I bet he had never seen any humans.
This photo showsTitchwell hide in the background and its the nearest I have found (so far) like our view on Sunday -I will be seeking permission from the photographer as I did not have camera in my pocket when the bird was seen down to25-30 feet! Unbelievable!

It wasstunning and all its features were clear! That mask is something else!

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tommyart said...

400! yippy!