Sunday, January 09, 2011

Will need to start my Year List on Bubo

No I am not doing a year list this year - well I am going to keep one on Bubo just cos it will be interesting to see if I can actually see more than last year when I knew it would be tricky to even get to 250. But a couple of trips to Shetland helped boost the list to over that!
This year its mainly about birding and enjoying birding and not really keeping a year list - least ways its not to be competitive.

yes I would like to see if I can grow my UK life list to over the magic 400 - thats 5 to 400 if Lesser Whitethroat 6/7 would be good!

I do want to improve my Kent and Sussex lists.

I will have a new Life List as I shall be going to Tanzania this year and so it will improve my Africa List as well.
See I am not year listing at all!

I have been trying to just go local this year so far - Bob returns from Espana on Monday so we ought to start birding proper towards the end of the week.
Think I am on about 50 birds so far - will have to write up the list!

Missed already Bittern, Waxwing and Little Owl (not where I know one is!)

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