Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year 2011

Finally been out birding even if only for a few hours!

Trip to Barnes resulted in some nice birds for the year list (not that I am doing a competitive year list this year - just will keep a list of birds that I see) I will be looking to go for UK lifers and try to do something about my Kent and Sussex Life lists!

Trying to decide on two things - 1) new bins - went to Barnes really to go to In focus to look at 8x 42 or 10x42 bins - and came out thinking i might buy 7 x42 !!
the 7x have great light and greater field of vision plus they focus down for butterflies/dragons....and that might be a good idea as I want to improve my Butterfly sightings!The bins I am looking at are Zeiss Victory FL 7 x 42.
Very helpful bloke in focus!

2)a fortnights trip to Shetland last week of September and first of October....just like this year except this time I will not go to Fair Isle....I love Fair Isle(and the residents) but I need to be really fit to do all that running up and down all that countryside and for ages(hours) my knees were not really up to it 2010 so until I am fit enough it might be a waste to go.I need to be fit for 2012 I think.Thats an aim.
not deciding this(3) just a statement
3) losing weight and getting fitter has to be done in order that when I go to Tanzania in July this year I really enjoy it! my knees will be better with less to carry about and then if/when I go to Shetland this year I will be cross that I am not going to Fair Isle! (Reverse psychology!)

Sounds like I have decided on Shetland............(there are a number of UK lifers that appear regularly on Shetland - even tho I have dipped em plus I am on 394 UK lifers and I'd love to go over the 400 this year!)
Paddyfield Warbler (dipped 2 on Shetland and one in Kent!)
Booted Warbler
Pallas Grasshopper Warbler
and the real prize
Lanceolated Warbler
and White's Thrush (dipped this year)

I am hopeful the Lesser Whitefronted goose I saw just after Christmas in Norfolk will be accepted as a "real" wild bird and is not an escape! (that would be 395!)

Anyway back to this years birds....pleased with female Linnet...which I spotted in the Wildside at Barnes and Fieldfare on the playing fields outside the Wetlands.
- oh and for my garden both female and male Blackcap visited female on 1st and male on second ...a rare visitor in my garden!

Back to thoughts on Fair Isle - I will miss Tommy, Liz and Henry especially this year but if I am aiming for 2012 and really doing FI birdwise properly that would be a bonus.


tommyart said...

Oh... I can't beleave it! but more and more Fair Isle specialities are being found on main land Shetland a short walk from a car. but you could rent a car on Fair Isle? just need a little more cha ching! I've seen a few birders drive around all week and cover more area with results? you will be missed. Love Tommy, Liz & Henry

Kite1035 said...

Might be back to joim you and Bob on some of them trips waiting to see what will happen out here