Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sussex on Thursday - Birding

2 New Sussex ticks! Red Kite and Hawfinch plus Firecrest and Marsh Tit = 4 Year ticks!

Burton Mill pond produced 2 Marsh Tits and 3 showy Firecrests altho we also heard at least 2 others in different places!
No sign of the Tawny Owl who has been seen recently - so our owl drought continues!

Only those 4 Barn Owls on Sheppey to show for our endeavours having dipped Little, SEO and now Tawny!
No sign of the Bittern(s) at BMP in the time we were there - we didn't return to see it roosting as we needed to get back to West London!

At West Dean I saw my new sussex ticks - first a lovely Red Kite and then we had 3 Hawfinches -such stonking birds!

So not a bad day even if it was vvvcold! in the wind it was eye watering.....still it was dry and we did have some sun!

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